31 March 2021

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When to start with cleansing of your body than now?

Now is the best time if you want to get fit before the summer swimsuit season. And it’s not just about loosing a few extra pounds or kilos, but mainly about getting rid of the body‘s and organs‘ impurities.

We will be happy to offer you all of this this in our Spa Hotel Schlosspark, located in the heart of the world-famous spa town Carlsbad within our own:

“Weight Loss and Detox Program”.

We will accommodate you for 6 nights with a possibility to extend your stay according to your decision. Our doctor or a diet nurse will prepare you a special menu according to your health condition and result of a laboratory blood test. The drinking cure of carlsbader mineral springs is also important, complemented by our vegetable smoothie, special herbal teas for a detox of your body and water with lemon, which will start up your digestion.

We have chosen suitable procedures for you, as for example: detox bath with ingredients prescribed by our doctor, special multifunction bathtub SPA-JET, dry CO2 bath, where you lie in a special bag filled with carbon dioxide. Ladies will appreciate body peeling with sea salt from a cosmetic brand Biodroga, and a special wrap also from the same brand, instrumental lymphatic drainage for a proper functioning and flow of lymph in the body and for a relief from swelling, full body aroma massage and flasks. At the end of the day, you can warm up in our cedar wood sauna and stretch in the indoor swimming pool.

Motion also contributes to the proper detoxification of the body. The spa town and its immediate surroundings have a lot to offer. Walking in the fresh air in the spa forests, along the local viewpoints and sightseeing towers will certainly help you to feel better.

You can also rent a bicycle and go for cycling along many cycling routes. We can recommend a beautiful route which goes around an unique rock complex „Svatošské skály“, continues to the woods along the river „Ohře“ and ends in the fairytaily historical town „Loket“ with a medieval castle, which is rich not only because of it´s history but also as it offers many cultural experiences starting with concerts in the ampfitheater under the open sky and ending with with a medieval-like feast, serving a whole piglet.

Golf fans might also enjoy themselves here, as there are many eighteen- or nine-hole golf courses in the area.

If tennis or badminton is your favorite sport, then we recommend you a visit to the „Gejzír Park” complex, the largest racquet sports center in Carlsbad, located in a pleasant environment of the „Teplá“ river valley.

The combination of a balanced diet, drinking cure, procedures and exercise will ensure the desired result and you will leave with the feeling that you have done the maximum for yourself and that´s definitely worth it.

So do not hesitate and come to us, whether with a friend or a partner, you will not regret it. Returning home feeling reborn, full of strength and great impressions – things that are only possible in Carlsbad.  You are warmly welcome in our hotel with a family atmosphere.


We are looking forward to your visit.