Another nature sources of treatment

Comprehensive spa treatment

Natural healing gas


Natural healing gas is used for dry gas bath. In addition to lowering blood pressure, improving heart function and blood flow to the lower limbs, this procedure (according to clients) also contributes to improved sexual function. The gas is also applied in the form of subcutaneous injections in diseases of the joints, spine and coronary heart disease, as it has a significant effect on relieving back and joint pain, improving blood circulation throughout the area and faster wound healing.

Dry gas bath or gas envelope is a special method that is completely unique in Czech spas. The gas bath directly affects the receptors in the skin, improves blood circulation throughout the body, lowers blood pressure and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Peloid Peloids (peat)


Peloids are inorganic or organic slurries which, after some treatment and heating, are used for tiling and wrapping. These are bogs, peat bogs and other muds, which are located around the mineral springs. The peat is stored in piles, where it oxidizes in a certain way, then is further treated, mixed with mineral water and heated with steam. Peat wraps are used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases and respiratory diseases.

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