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Hotel management announcement regarding the occurrence of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2


Cleanliness and hygiene have always been our priority. All public areas and hotel rooms are carefully and regularly ventilated and treated with the recommended disinfectants and cleaners.


Before the start of the work shift, the temperature of all our employees is regularly measured at the entrance to the hotel. Employees wear either a face mask or a face shield. Our cleaning/housekeeping staff work in gloves.


A disinfectant dispenser is available to guests in all public areas, by the lifts and in all entrance areas to the individual hotel departments.


For the safety of our guests and employees, a minimum distance of 2 meters must always be kept on the hotel premises, with the exception of persons from the same household or fellow – passengers.



It is necessary to use mouth and nose protection – respirator FFP2 or KN95  in all public areas of the hotel. This requirement does not apply to children under two years old and also to the exceptions mentioned in the current wording of the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. You can also buy respirators and masks at the hotel reception.


Buffet breakfast is available from 8:00 am until 10:30 am. Between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm we serve an evening 5-course menu. Hand disinfection is required before entering the restaurant or bar. When moving in these areas, please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 – 2 meters from other guests. The areas of restaurant and bar are designed to maintain the prescribed distance of people sitting at different tables. We also offer the use of disposable gloves free of charge.


We do not charge any fee for room service during the pandemic situation. If you are interested in eating breakfast or dinner in your hotel room, we will be happy to fulfill your request.


The operation of this center and all its parts meets all current requirements from the government.  All areas are treated with the recommended disinfectants. Transmission of the virus via water has not been confirmed. However, not only on the edges of the pool, but also in all other areas of this center, it is necessary to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters. We appeal to the personal responsibility and consideration of all guests.


Before deprture we offer you the possibility of a COVID test by certificated laboratory in the center of the town. You will get the result of the test within 24 hours.

Your team of Spa Hotel Schlosspark

Cancellation Policy

1/ Standard cancellation policy and conditions during pandemic system PES 1,2,3

30 – 21 days prior to arrival – 10% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

20 – 15 days prior to arrival – 30% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

14 – 8  days prior to arrival – 80% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

7 – 0  day prior to arrival  and in case of „No show“– 100% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services



30 – 21 days prior to arrival – 10% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

20 – 15 days prior to arrival – 30% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

14 – 8  days prior to arrival – 50% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services

7 – 0  day prior to arrival  and in case of „No show“– 100% cancellation fee from the total price of reserved services



Untill 30 days prior to arrival ot the group – without cancellation fee

29–14 days prior to arrival of the group – the possibility of free cancellation up to a maximum of 30% of the total amount of the reservation; for cancellation above the stated 30%, the client is obliged to pay the hotel a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of services canceled above the limit

13–7 days prior to arrival of the group – the possibility of free cancellation up to a maximum of 20% of the total amount of the reservation; for cancellation above the stated 20%, the client is obliged to pay the hotel a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of services canceled above the limit

6–3 days prior to arrival of the group – the possibility of free cancellation up to a maximum of 10% of the total amountof the reservation; for cancellation above the stated 10%, the client is obliged to pay the hotel a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of services canceled above the limit

2–0 day prior to arrival and in case of “No show” – the client is obliged to pay 100% of the total amount  of ordered services


2/ Cancellation policy and conditions in case of validity of the measure PES 4,5

Direct booker:

14 – 0 days prior to arrival – without cancellation fee


14 – 0 day prior to arrival – transfer of the voucher to another period in the same range of services and within the same room category


14 – 0 days prior to arrival – without cancellation fee


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2. The hotel’s website may contain or link to trademarks, patents, proprietary information, trade secrets, technologies, products and processes or other proprietary rights of the hotel or third parties.

3. Spa Hotel Schlosspark does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information, express or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the use of such information. The hotel is not responsible for the accuracy of the data, errors or omissions on this website and reserves the right to modify the current information at any time, especially to update the website.

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6. Relations between the hotel and its guests are governed by Czech law, therefore all possible disputes will be resolved before the Czech courts.

7.1 The accommodated guest has the right to submit a proposal for out-of-court settlement of such a dispute to the designated subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which is:


The Czech trade inspection
Central Inspectorate – ADR Department
Štěpánská 15
120 00  Prague 2


The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body assuring consumer protection, proceeding in accordance with Act No. 64/1986 Coll., On the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, as amended, and other legal regulations. The website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is

7.2. In accordance with the provisions of Section 1837 letter j) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code does not entitle the accommodated as a consumer to withdraw from the accommodation contract if the accommodation facility provides performance within the specified period.

Accommodation regulations

Accommodation regulations

Service provider details:

The operator of the Spa Hotel Schlosspark is the company Spa Hotel Schlosspark, sro, Kolmá 661/19, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, IČ 28008111, DIČ CZ28008111, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Commercial Court in Pilsen, Section C, Insert 21226. The establishment is Spa Hotel Schlosspark, Kolmá 13–19, 360 01 Karlovy Vary.


1. Conditions for concluding a reservation for accommodation

1.1 It is always necessary to make a reservation of accommodation in written form:

by e-mail communication between reservation department and the guest

online through online reservation formular on website of Spa Hotel Schlossspark

through online reservation portals or through accommodation service providers (travel agency)

1.2 It is  possible to ask for availabilities by telephone and than finish the booking in written form.

1.3 The guest is obliged to comply with:

booking conditions

obligations arising from the Accommodation Regulations

the guest must not damage the good name of the hotel

1.4 If the guest does not comply with the conditions in point 1.3, the hotel is entitled to cancel the reservation before the expiration of the agreed period without notice.


2. Payment conditions at the conclusion of the reservation and cancellation of the reservation

2.1 In case of direct booking with the guest:

hotel requires prepayment of the stay prior to the arrival of the guest

methods of payment can be: by wire transfer to the hotel bank account (hotel will issue a proforma invoice to the guest with the requested deposit in %)

the guest can pay via credit card

the conditions of prepayment are followed by cancellation policy in case of direct booking and are defined on the website of the hotel in section Cancellation Policy

2.2 In case of online reservation through website:

conditions of prepayment defined in the reservation apply

2.3 In case of reservation through online reservation portal:

conditions of prepayment defined in the reservation apply

2.4 In case of booking through accommodation providers (travel agencies)

conditions of prepayment agreed contractually between the accommodation provider and the hotel are valid

2.5 Each guest and accommodation provider is obliged to:

observe the conditions of the prepayment before the arrival of the client of the accommodation provider

in case of non-compliance, the hotel is entitled to cancel the reservation immediately, unless both parties agree on other conditions

2.6 The guest or client of the accommodation provider also has the right to:

cancel the reservation in advance before of the validity of the cancellation policy

2.7 If the hotel cannot accommodate the guest due to overbooking situation or due to operational problems:

The hotel is obliged to provide the guest with alternative accommodation in the same range of services and price conditions in another accommodation facility of the same or higher category

provide the guest with a free transfer to another accommodation facility

offer an alternative date for the stay at the Spa Hotel Schlosspark in the same range of services and at the same price conditions as for the original booking

2.8. If the guest does not show up to use the accommodation within 24 hours after the agreed arrival to the accommodation:

the hotel is entitled to charge the guest a 100% cancellation fee from the deposit paid


3. Arrival to the hotel – check – in

3.1 The guest registers at the hotel reception upon arrival.

3.2. At check-in at the reception it is necessary to present:

ID card or passport

in the case of accommodation through a travel agency  – a valid voucher

the guest then confirms the accuracy of his data by signing the registration card

3.3 If the guest does not submit his / her personal documents (see point 3.2), the hotel is entitled not to accommodate the guest.

3.4 Unless otherwise agreed, check-in is possible from 2:00 pm  until 00:00 am

3.5 The guest will pay by check-in:

100% of the amount of accommodation, unless it was paid before

surcharge for accommodation if a partial deposit has been paid before his arrival

parking fee

3.6 After payment of the stay, the receptionist will issue a tax document to the guest confirming payment of the entire stay.

3.7 The guest will be charged additional services to his hotel account during the stay.

3.8 The number of guests staying in the room must correspond to the number of guests registered for accommodation before their arrival.

3.9 It is possible to prolong the stay at the same room or another depending on free capacity.

3.10 The guest gives the hotel consent to the processing of his personal data according to the conditions of the GDPR.

3.11 Guests under 18 years old can only be accommodated if accompanied by an adult.

3.12 The hotel has the right not to accommodate a guest who enters the hotel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3.13 A guest who will accommodate before 6 am in the morning is obliged to pay the price of accommodation for the entire previous night. If the guest does not vacate the room untill 12 pm, the next night will be charged, unless otherwise agreed in advance.


4. General conditions of accommodation

4.1 The guest has the right to use the space reserved for his accommodation, as well as the common areas of the hotel, and to use the services associated with the accommodation.

4.2 Upon arrival at the accommodation, the guest will receive:

magnetic card (key). He/she is obliged to prevent the loss, destruction or damage of this key, as well as its disclosure to other persons who are not a direct party to the accommodation contract.

4.3 In case of loss of the magnetic card:

the guest is obliged to report this loss to a receptionist.

for the loss and issuance of a new magnetic card, the guest is obliged to pay a handling fee to the hotel in the amount of CZK 200,-

4.4 By staying at the hotel, the guest confirms:

that he has been acquainted, understood and will comply with these Accommodation Rules, which he confirms with his signature on the registration card upon arrival at the hotel

in case that the Accommodation Rules are violated, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the agreed accommodation before the expiry of the agreed period, without the obligation to compensate the guest for any damages

4.5 The guest is obliged to:

pay the price for accommodation according to the valid price list (confirmed booking)

maintain the cleanliness of the premises designated for his stay

to protect the equipment  in the accommodation areas against damage

immediately report any damage or injury caused by him or the persons staying with him / her to the hotel management:

from 10 pm to 7 am behave in such a way as not to disturb other guests with excessive noise

when leaving the room, close the water taps in the room, turn off the lights, close the windows and turn off electrical appliances that are not used during the guest’s absence

4.6 The guest may not without the consent of the provider of accommodation:

make major changes to the accommodation (move furniture, relocate equipment, etc.)

remove the  equipment and facilities from the area designated for accommodation

use in rooms intended for accommodation of own appliances, remove small appliances used by the guest for personal hygiene and office work

leave the accommodation to another person

receive visits to accommodation premises. Visits must be signed by the reception staff and are only possible from 8 am  until 10 pm. For the reception of visitors outside these hours, the guests are only available public hotel areas.

stating the address of the house with the accommodation as a place of business

4.7 Accommodation conditions for dogs:

the dog is accommodated on condition that it is healthy and must be in the hotel room under the supervision of the guest

dogs can only move in the hotel room and access areas to the room

dogs do not have access to other rooms such as restaurants, swimming pool, balneo operation

the guest is fully responsible for damages caused by his dog

the fee for accommodation of the dog is 10, – EUR / night


4.8 In addition, the guest may not:

carry a weapon, ammunition and explosives, or otherwise keep them in a condition for immediate use

to hold, manufacture or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless they are medicines the use of which has been prescribed by a doctor

smoke – does not apply in the case of areas reserved for smoking and visibly marked with the appropriate symbol

use open fire

use explosive substances (fireworks) in and near the hotel


4.9 Other general rules of accommodation:

the hotel / reception will arrange for medical assistance or transport to the hospital in case of illness or injury of the guest. The incurred expenses are paid by the guest himself.

the guest is obliged to allow access to the room of the hotel staff in order to perform their work (cleaning, service, etc.)

for safety and social reasons, it is not advisable to leave children under the age of 12 in the room or in other areas of the hotel without adult supervision

the guest is not allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the Restaurant and Lobby Bar

the guest has the right to complain about any deficiencies in the services provided. He is obliged to file a complaint immediately without undue delay so that a remedy can be arranged, if possible on the spot. Later complaints will not be taken into account.


5. Hotel responsibility for guest things


5.1. The hotel is not responsible for:

valuables of guests in rooms (money, jewelry, securities, credit cards, computers, tablets, cameras, mobile phones, etc.), if they are not stored and locked in the hotel safe

each room is equipped with a safe to store these valuables


5.2 In case of loss, the guest immediately contacts the reception, which may arrange to call the police.


5.3 Any damage or destruction must be reported by the guest immediately after:

what he learned about it

the claim from this liability expires if the customer does not notify the hotel of the loss, destruction or damage without undue delay and no later than 15 days after learning of the damage

5.4 Damage will not be reimbursed if the damage was caused by the guest himself or the person accompanying him.


6. Safety, guest’s liability for damage


6.1 The guest is obliged to get acquainted with the safety rules and evacuation plan


6.2 The guest acts in such a way that there is no unjustified damage to the liberty, life, health or property of another


6.3 If the guest causes damage to the property of the hotel by his actions:

the hotel is entitled to claim damages in full amount.


6.4 The accommodation provider liability for damage to deferred items is governed by the provisions of § 2945 et seq. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.


6.5 Any property forgotten at the hotel by the guest:

it will be sent only at his request, at his expense and risk

the hotel stores forgotten items for a period of 7 days and then, if the items are obviously of value, passes them on as found lost items to the competent authorities

if such an item appears worthless, the hotel reserves the right to destroy it after the above storage period


6.6 If the guest is provided with a parking space in the unguarded hotel car park for a fee:

there is no custody agreement or any similar arrangement and the only contractual obligation of the accommodation provider in this regard is the very possibility of the guest to temporarily use the parking space

the hotel is not responsible for the loss or damage of a vehicle parked or moving in this car park, for the loss or damage of its contents and for damage caused to persons and animals in the car park area

the hotel is also not liable for damages caused by accident or force majeure and for damages caused by vandalism

6.7 In case of illness / death of the guest, the hotel claims from the family member, the heir, or the person settling the invoice of the patient / deceased:

compensation for any medical and management costs, the consideration for the services used before death and compensation for any damage caused to the plant and equipment


7. Departure from the hotel – check – out


7.1 Upon departure from the hotel – check-out, the guest is obliged to:

leave the room untill 12 pm, unless otherwise agreed between the hotel and the guest

return a magnetic card (room key)

pay for all additional services beyond the original order (minibar, balnea services, consumption of beverages and food beyond the ordered and paid board, etc.)

in case of damage to the hotel property, the guest is obliged to pay the costs associated with the repair

7.2 If the guest does not leave the room in time:

the hotel reserves the right, with the participation of a two-member commission, to write down the guest’s items and store them in a safe place so that the room can be used by another guest who has booked it.


7.3 Receptionist upon guest departure:

issues the final hotel bill, which serves as a tax document, either to the guest’s address or business address, if the guest wishes (in this case, the guest must provide accurate billing information)

if the guest wishes, he will arrange a transfer to the requested place


8. Protection of personal data pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data


8.1 The Hotel undertakes to take such technical, personnel and other necessary measures as to prevent:

to unauthorized or accidental access to personal data

to change, destroy or lose them

to unauthorized transmissions

to their other unauthorized processing

as well as other misuse of personal data

In connection with the provision of accommodation services, the hotel is obliged to process personal data of guests. The receptionist and the hotel manager work with this information. These users have been instructed on the sensitivity of personal data. They handle guests’ personal data exclusively as part of the services provided by the hotel.

Neither the hotel nor the staff pass on the personal data of guests to other entities.

Another processor of personal data is the HotelTime Hotel System. The principles of processing and handling personal data of guests are regulated in the processing contract between the hotel and the processor.

The hotel has a legal obligation to keep some personal information about its guests, in particular:

name and surname


address and duration of accommodation

document number and type

possible visa and purpose of stay

This obligation is governed by the Act on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic (326/1999) and the Act on Local Fees (565/1990).


According to these legal regulations, the hotel is obliged to keep personal data of customers for a period of 6 years.

The guest has the right to ask the hotel for an overview of his personal data at any time. This information is stored:

in the guest card

in the house book

in the record book

These are stored in printed form in a safe in a locked room, to which only the receptionist and the hotel manager have access.


In case of a request to delete personal data, the hotel:

deletes the guest card

shreds the house and registration book

However, the hotel must comply with the above laws. The listed personal data can be deleted only after the expiration of the legal period.

The hotel undertakes that the processing of data will be secured as follows:

Only authorized persons of the hotel will have access to personal data, who will have the conditions and scope of data processing determined by the hotel, and each such person will access personal data under his / her identifier.

personal data will be processed on the hotel premises, to which only authorized persons or its suppliers (subcontractors) will have access, bound by the same obligations

the hotel prevents the unauthorized reading, creation, copying, transmission, modification or deletion of records containing personal data

the hotel shall take measures to identify and verify to whom the personal data have been transferred, processed, modified or deleted

the hotel undertakes, through its own internal transcripts or special contractual arrangements, to ensure that its employees and other persons who will process personal data will do so only under conditions to the extent specified by the hotel and in accordance with the hotel’s instructions.

8.10 The Hotel uses a camera system to prevent the protection of its customers, its own and their property. The hotel declares that the records are not processed in any way, nor do they provide them to third parties or entities.

These accommodation regulations came into validity and effect after the update on the 15th of Janurary 2021.

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